what i have to say

i suck at blogging and not to mention other things too.

however, life has been great and i am still studying – ( am so jealous of looking at people’s photo with their convocation robe on )

while other ( people who are at the same age as me) are working, i am spending . lol

since i did well for my previous semester. i meant really well ( something beyond my expectation- or my parents)

i am getting myself a reward. ive been bugging my parents ever since.

the reward is : a eurotrip. =________________________________=

i will be going to Paris since hud’s mom is staying there.

and i am hoping and keeping my fingers cross to go to Spain ( Barcelona to be exact) and London for boxing day and few other places too ( places near to Paris ).

hip hip hooray.

told hud to propose me at the eiffel tower and he went laughing. so-not-romantic-of-you *blergh*


finals is not so far away now.

im a little bit prepared for the last paper which is on the 9th of may. thanks to the 2nd test tomorrow.

by 9th of may i am sure i forget most of it. haha. thus, more reading needed. damn u biomedic.i am not into reading so much and i find it sleepy. i think most of us face the same problem. and biology is not something im used to. booo!

hud is all prepared to join the taylor’s rugby team and has been reviewing matches on youtube. yo go AB. u will do well and made it through to the first time. may the ladyluck be on ur side cos she has always been there.was wondering to buy him a boot for his rugby training but he denies it as it will cost approx rm500. he will ask his dad for it. heee.

mum dad and sis will be heading to oz next week and i will be here in MALAYSIA alone. happy? not so much as hud’s mom will be here and i bet he will have difficulties in fitting me in his daily schedule as his younger brothers are coming back too and im looking at the bright side as i will have ample of time to do my studying. i need to get a good result as i will have to use it in order to ask my parents favors to go for my paris trip. ive been saving some money. i manage to save some money as i am now living with my mom and sometimes ayah comes along and i get to trick him to buy me lunch. hee. i love u both :). but hud’s bday is coming. so i guess, some of the savings will be gone. grr ๐Ÿ™‚

happy thursday everyone. – work hard to get what u want! nothing comes easy.


Posted on: March 20, 2010

how rich is rich?

money is always an issue. it will never be enough.

people quarrel because of money.

most of us have enough/plenty of money and we kept on saying ” tak ada duit”. when btol2 tak ada duit baru tergolek dog.

the way ive been brought up is : susah gila nk mintak duit dr ayah and mummy and kalau duit tak ckup diam. kalau susah sgt mintak allowance advance. and if ckp ” pinjam RM20 potong allowance bulan dpn”. ayah will potong. even it is RM20. ๐Ÿ™‚

for me, i think that it is the best way. i learn to appreciate money.

ok. tiba2 terpikir pasal duit sbb nk pg paris takut tak dpt pg.

START kumpul duit skg. HAHAHA

hey hud

where are u?

this whole u far away from me abt 10 000 km isnt working so well T_T

the time differenceย  also

sorry, im terible with adjustments.

guess what? when im used to it, ur back. and i need to adjust again. sigh

p/s : i think the next time ur going again to paris at the end of the yr. ill be jumping upside down. cos im going too. ๐Ÿ™‚

and yes, the worst kept secret BK display at almost all their franchises is about the grill thing. haha. hud is so addicted to BK pls.

this post is random maybe the fact that allie is getting married. hehe. i think that relationship with a stranger is the most difficult thing to handle. the stranger that i am referring to is BF/ GF.

i used to be in a LDR and trust me, if i will be given a choice to choose wether to be in a LDR or not. I would definitely say NO. i used to believe that everything will turn out well and everything will be A-okay but it is the most difficult period in my 5years relationship. and yes, ive been with the same guy for 5 years. i deserve more than a pat on the back. ๐Ÿ™‚ usually LDR is not an option. and i am not saying that LDR is impossible, but it is just not for me.

ive been in a few of relationship with different people and there are different reasons too. ive been with a boy just because i wanted a bf to talk to because my friends have one of time- so sekolah rendah, i know but dont blame me that was in standard 6. ive been with a boy because i have a person to gayut with – because i used to enjoy gayuting. silly me. i know. ive been with a boy just because of revenge and broke up 2 weeks later because he was too dark. LOL. i believe that everyone has their own reasons. but i am not that lucky like everyone else, i just dont get to be with someone easily. in other words, im not that pretty. so yeah, ive been called names i am not comfortable with. whats wrong with being sepet, was i given any option to choose my eyes, my nose or whatever. i am a human being not some sims character where i get to choose how the character would look like.and get this, there this one boy named Najib in my school – ok interframe sket nama die kat sini used to call me fat. I still remember that one fine evening and he practically made an announcement from the aspura. Thanks najib for telling it to me. I guess u made me feel very conscious about how i look like till now. and yes, im still fat.

i am no doctor love but i believe that a good relationship starts with being honest. u dont have to trick people to fall in love with you. there is someone out there is meant to be with you and u just have to be yourself to be able to find one. i used to have a friend that dress up and use thing that her bf likes. we are not zaman kuno ladies pls. we are now train to be independent and we have our own freedom. u dont have to wear marc jacobs daisy if u prefer armani code in order to impress ur other half. u dont have to wear tube top if u are not comfortable and u dont have to sacrifice ur hijabs just because ur other half likes woman with free hair. there are tonnes of things a girl would do for her other half but when things does not work out at the end, we- ladies will end up hopeless and sad in the end. life is not a fairy tale, there is not always happily ever after thing.

in a relationship there is always give and take. although sometimes one part of the relationship is soo sellfish or soo ego to give way, there is always this another part that will do the opposite way. and relationship is not based on ‘kesian’. it is better for you to just let go ur BF/GF when there is no love because it is better to end it up rather than to break the person’s heart in thousand of pieces at the end when u just cant stand it and ull tell him/her for all this time u was too ‘kesian’ to let him/her go.ย  time is always the treatment for a broken heart. how long does it take, it depends. the stronger u are = the shorter time it will take and vice versa. for people who get to find her/his first love. the first cut is always the deepest and the hardest. but there are other people who end up being with their first love. awww ๐Ÿ™‚

the boy/girl/man/woman u are with will technically change you in some way. good/bad it depends on the individual we are with. example : hud used to be very passive and follows everything by the rule and i think that he is sooo ‘lurus bendul’ย  because he was clueless when i told him that i ‘makan hati berulam jantung’.he thought that i went to the cafe and ate hati and jantung. haha. but now he is different, no more mr i dont cakap banyak but mr i ckp byk ckp tlg berhenti sbb nina dh buat muka. heee.ย  im glad to be with hud and not some rempit or a wanabe because i turn out to be who i am now. the same me with some alteration on a few bad parts. i guess.

i am happy that allie is getting married and my friends are with someone that they love. dont ask when will i be someone MRS because i dont know.

just skip this post if u want. it is so random and might contain craps that make u feel like slapping me right and left and stuff gardenia bread inside my mouth or in this case to tie my hand somewhere to stop me from writting more. teeheehee.

p/s : cant wait for saturday. see u soon highschool sweethearts. I MISS YOU SOOO MUCH :*

maybe things i dont turn out the way it should

am planning of moving out.

i just hate the situation.

myb i love my life and what im doing because i enjoy doing it.

u dont get it? i know u wouldnt. cos u aint me.

spare me time, myb a little adjustment is what i need.

still dont get it?

im a human with flaws.

im a normal kid with need.

not a kid anymore?

please let me be me. 23 and living my life the way i want it to be.

i may not live forever.

i dont want me to be 30, a somebody’s wife or someone’s mom to get to live like im 23.

just let me be.

when we expect things to be they way it should be. something bad would happen
i am freaking excited that my degree will end on this JUN. yeah – NO MORE classes thank you
but the lecturer of my unloved uni – am not so sure of the existance of the unloved word because im too mad to even use my brain to think.
and today i did not attend my class due to NO parking lot available. every parking lot is reserved for staff and yeah, staff gets all the scolding if they have ‘ to attend classes’. U*TM di hati ku? i dont think so.


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