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Posted on: August 17, 2010

i suck at blogging and not to mention other things too.

however, life has been great and i am still studying – ( am so jealous of looking at people’s photo with their convocation robe on )

while other ( people who are at the same age as me) are working, i am spending . lol

since i did well for my previous semester. i meant really well ( something beyond my expectation- or my parents)

i am getting myself a reward. ive been bugging my parents ever since.

the reward is : a eurotrip. =________________________________=

i will be going to Paris since hud’s mom is staying there.

and i am hoping and keeping my fingers cross to go to Spain ( Barcelona to be exact) and London for boxing day and few other places too ( places near to Paris ).

hip hip hooray.

told hud to propose me at the eiffel tower and he went laughing. so-not-romantic-of-you *blergh*


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  • nurhalyna: layla : i deleted the post already. its the same kay.
  • Layla: Hye. Just bloghopping. :) Anyways, I was too, googling for 'kaymavon' just now and you were in the list stating my ex-blogspot. I don't know wha
  • allie: nina ! happy birthday! you're a big big girl now! =)


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